A lawyer you can trust,
fighting for what is right.

A lawyer you can trust,

fighting for what is right.


Strong relationships are built on trust. At Schnasse Law that begins with listening, with caring about you and how your life has been changed. We want to hear the whole story, the key to being the best advocate possible. 

Our clients work directly with their lawyer so that the decision makers can communicate clearly about everything from basic facts to strategy.


With over 15 years handling civil litigation matters, we have successfully represented more than 500 people who were hurt through no fault of their own and families who have lost a loved one. 

Every client needs a roadmap through the maze of insurance, liens and litigation. Our clients can count on a skilled guide, experienced counselor and tireless advocate to fight for what is right. 


With millions of dollars recovered, we have a long track record of success. In the world of litigation success starts with a solid plan, careful attention to detail and old-fashioned hard work to build each case. 

Focused, efficient and aggressive representation is the key to achieving results that have helped our clients put major problems behind them and move forward in life.

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